Instruction and Strategy

There’s a lot of instructional videos on the web, and it can be hard to tell what’s good information, and what’s not. We’ve curated a library of what we believe is some of the best instructional content the web has to offer. Enjoy!

Dropshot/Third Shot Drop

The drop shot is executed when you’re team is at the baseline, and your opponents are at the non-volley zone, in an attempt to get up to the net to level the playing field. It’s one of the hardest but most important shots in pickleball, so keep working at it!

3rd Shot Success With Dave Weinbach

This video, created by Primetime Pickleball, utilizes pro Dave Weinbach to teach the fundamentals of a good 3rd shot drop. 

Master Your Third Shot Drop

Primetime Pickleball talks all about the right height and trajectory in this video. If you’re having trouble with opponents attacking your drops, watch this video!


A dink is a soft shot, normally executed when both teams are at the non-volley line. Dinking is a typically neutral shot that’s all about consistency

Improve your Pickleball Dinks

Simone Jardim and Coach Athena team up to teach you the basics of dinking in this great video. 

Avoiding Unforced Errors When Dinking

Primetime Pickleball shows you how to improve your dinking consistency to avoid unforced errors in this video. 

Dinking Form and Technique

Dick’s Sporting Goods is back with a clear, concise video on proper dinking form and technique. 

The Backhand Roll

Primetime Pickleball recruits Ben Johns to show you how to execute the backhand roll. 


The underhand serve in pickleball is one of the sport’s unique factors. There are many types of serves, and many different philosophies on what makes a good serve.

The Basics of a Pickleball Serve

Dick’s Sporting Goods goes over the 4 basic serves

Improve your Pickleball Dinks

Simone Jardim and Coach Athena team up to teach you the basics of dinking in this great video. 

Improve your Pickleball Dinks

Simone Jardim and Coach Athena team up to teach you the basics of dinking in this great video. 


A groundstroke is a shot that is taken off the bounce, normally when standing at the baseline. Many players like to use drives, hard shots meant to win the point or force errors, in order to mix up their game.

Groundstrokes with Sarah Ansboury

Sarah Ansboury goes over prope form on groundstrokes

Say Hello to the 3rd Shot Drive

Pickleball Channel goes over the option of using a third shot drive instead of a third shot drive to get to the net.

Two Handed Backhand Stroke Analysis with Tyler Loong

The 2 handed backhand is a way to weaponize the backhand, and Primetime Pickleball does a great analysis of the shot with pro Tyler Loong

Slicing and Spins

One of the most fun parts of pickleball is putting a wild spin on your ball and watch your opponents chase after the ball after it’s bounce. Utilizing spins is a great way to add depth to your game, and slicing is an excellent way to get a lot of spin.

Wicked Backspin

Mark Renesson from Third Shot Sports goes over how to put backspin on your shot in this video. 

The Slice with Slow Motion

Sarah Ansboury shows how to slice the ball with slow motion videos. 

Pickleball Slice

Sarah Ansboury demonstrates the fundamentals of both backhand and forehand slices


Overheads are balls that are, well, over your head. They may seem like an easy put away, but when facing a good lob, overheads can get tricky

How to Hit Overheads

Simone Jardim demonstrates how to hit overheads efficiently

Overhead Smash Strategy

Mark Renesson gives the strategy behind overhead smashes. 

How to Overhead Smash

This video from Pickleball Kitchen gives a great explanation on how to hit an overhead smash. 


Volleys are balls taken out of the air. It is important in order to progress as a player to master the art of hitting volleys and blocking shots.

Blocking 2 Ways

Sarah Ansboury 2 simple techniques that can be used to block harder shots and reset the point

Forehand Topspin Volley

Simone Jardim demonstrates how to add topspin to your forehand volleys.

How to Hit a Powerful Backhand Volley

This video from Third Shot Sports talks about turning the backhand volley into a weapon by adding power. 

Doubles Strategy

There are many different tactics and strategies at all levels to improve your doubles game

When to Move Forward and When to Stay Back

Knowing when to push up, and when to wait at the baseline is an important strategy that this video goes over. 

Doubles Point with Strategy Breakdown

Sometimes just watching points and breaking them down can help improve your game. Pickleball Channel does just that with a great doubles point in this video. 


Stacking is an advanced skill that is important to know in order to capitalize on your partner’s strengths. Learn about it here!

Singles Strategy

Singles may seem similiar to doubles, but the strategies are very different.

Singles Pickleball for Dummies

Singles strategy is very different from doubles strategy, and Mark Renneson teaches all the main points in this video. 

Moving up or Staying Back in Singles

Just like in doubles, a big turning point in singles is moving up to the net. Learn when and how to move up with this video!

Deep Returns in Singles

One of the most important skills in singles is hitting a deep return in order to limit the option your opponent has. 

How to Play/Rules

Some content on the basic rules and scoring, as well as some technical questions

The Beginner's Guide on How to Play Pickleball

If you’re a beginner or want to brush up on the rules, this is the video for you!

Pickleball Scoring for Beginners

If you just want to know enough to get started, this video is perfect for you!


Drilling is the fastest way to get better and work on your technique.

Pickleball Solo Wall Drills

Sometimes practicing by yourself is your only option. Pickleball Channel put out a video with a couple of great ideas on how to improve.

Simone's Favorite Drills

Simone Jardim, a Prince-sponsored pro, shares some of her favorite drills.


Pickleball may be an easy sport to play, but in order to get good at the game, there are fundamental techniques and mechanics that need to be considered

3 Ways to Grip Your Paddle

The grip of the paddle is a very important, yet underrated part of the game. Learn about 3 common grip types here!

Pickleball Transfer of Weight

Weight transfer is an integral part of the game, and Deb Harrison does a great job in this video explaining the fundamentals

Grip Pressure When Dinking

Knowing how hard to grip the paddle is essential to learning how to control the ball. Check out this Dick’s Sporting Goods video on proper weight control. 


Anything and everything else!

3 Tips to Decrease Pop-ups

Popping up pickleballs can be really annoying, but preventable if you watch this video!