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Everything about pickleball, the community, the competition, and the pure fun of it is just so addicting. On top of that, there’s unlimited ways to improve, and keep bettering yourself as a player, whether it be learning new strategies, perfecting certain techniques, or even staying healthy to be at your athletic peak.

Here at Pickleball Vortex, we aim to be your pickleball hub of the best content, from tips on how to improve, to gear reviews, to tournament highlights, and everything in between. There is so much out there about pickleball, and we’ve put together what we feel is the best info so you don’t have to.

You keep playing the sport we all love, and we’ll keep finding the best pieces of content and entertainment that the web has to offer for you to enjoy.

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The Key to Playing Against Bangers

The Key to Playing Against Bangers

Bangers are players who hit the ball hard instead of dinking. Bangers can be really tough to play against. Check out this article by Sarah Ansboury, a Head Sponsored player, on how to play against bangers! Read full article on Sarah Ansboury

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Get a Grip: My Three Keys

Get a Grip: My Three Keys

Holding the pickleball paddle is an often overlooked part of good technique. In this article, Sarah Ansboury goes over 3 main points to help with gripping the paddle. Read full article by Sarah Ansboury  

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Watch: 5 Ways to Improve Your Pickleball Game

Want to win more pickleball games and have more fun at the same time? Watch pickleball pro Glen Peterson lay out five ways to get better at pickleball. Follow these pickleball tips and we guarantee you will enjoy more long pickleball rallys, laugh more and play more pickleball than ever before. This video is for everyone who interested in pickleball, from the newbie to the elite player.

Glen knows what he’s talking about. He’s a National Pickleball Champion with gold medal wins from the world’s biggest pickleball tournament including the USAPA National Championships, US OPEN Pickleball Championships, Tournament of Champions, Huntsmen and many more!

Glen’s been studying the game of pickleball for over five years and observed what works and what doesn’t. Try his tips and you will see an immediate difference.

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The equipment demands of pickleball are light, meaning you won’t need to break your budget to play. A net, paddles, and balls are the minimum requirements to get going with the sport. While sport-specific pickleball shoes  and shirts are available, your regular sneakers and a t-shirt are probably fine to start.

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