Matt Nielsen



Who is your sponsor?

Selkirk Pickleball

How long have you been playing?

3 years.

What’s your pickleball story?

I was working at a YMCA in Tampa and during my shift, I walked through the Basketball courts and heard a funny sound.. To my surprise, there was a group of 50+ people playing a sport that reminded me of Tennis.. They happened to need a “4th” for the next game, and since I was on the clock, doing anything with the members sounded like fun to me, especially since it had a similar look to Tennis, which I played in college. I remember the first ball I went to hit, and completely swung and missed, due to the low bounce. A few points later and the rallies had me HOOKED! I played that day and every day after for the next month! I have been lucky enough to meet my best friends from this sport and travel to places I never thought I’d see!

Fun Fact


I am a full time 2nd Grade Teacher and personal trainer, which means I only get to play 1 time a week, if that. I love getting to teach kids and adults of all ages in school and at the gym! 

What do you love about the sport?

I love the social aspect of It and the competitive outlet that It brings to me through tournaments. Pickleball is a sport that forces you to excel at so many different things, which gives you ample opportunities to continue working on your craft. I am simply obsessed!

What are some of your other interests?

Working out and spending time with my Fiancé and Pup!

What are some of your pickleball accomplishments?

2019 US Open Singles 5.0 Gold Medal 2019 Atlanta Open Singles 5.0 Gold Medal 2019 Green Valley Open Singles 5.0 Silver Medal 2019 Sundial Slam Open Doubles Bronze Medal